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Profit Monkey is affiliate marketing partner for Online Dating Services. We are always interested in expanding our team and we provide best tools to help you get the best possible results. Our platform operates worldwide. Create your own affiliate program in minutes. 0% transaction fees. Reward, track & incentivize the affiliates you choose. Earn up to 30% of the revenue share by directing your traffic to our websites. All purchases made by the members referred by you will earn you up to 30% of the purchase price. For life!

Our highly successful program offers freedom, support and flexibility. You can promote any of the websites we currently own. All our affiliates are granted quick and easy access to all components of the tracking system. We are focused on ensuring high standards of support and communication to our partners throughout the process.

How it works



  • I've been doing this job for 4 years. The payment is regular and monthly. Time is flexible, I work when I want and how much I want. I would recommend this job to anyone who likes to spend more time with their family or enjoy their hobbies. Thanks profit monkey, becaouse of you I have a normal life.
    Klara (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • The offers are great! Conversions are steady, the guys are very helpful and welcoming. Will keep on sending traffic to see where this goes. I think it is worth it.
    Countess Cat Inc (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • Since I have been working for profit monkey, there are no more stressful departures to work, I work from home, when I want and how long I want, and I can afford the things I've always dreamed of. The main problem was that I either didn't have the time or the money, but now I have both.
    Tajana (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • Great customer support. They always pay on time and offer valuable advice on how to make profit online. I highly recommend them!
    Dimitris (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • Have been working for Profit Monkey for 2 years now. I am very satisfied with them, payouts are secure and always on time. Supports is available 24/7, the platform is unique and easy to use. I especially love many tools that allow me to track everything. And they constantly update the plaform with new and useful things.
    Dominik (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • This unique program solved all my financial problems. With flexible working hours, I've been making a lot of money for almost two years now, even more than some people who are working full time jobs in my area. The platform is accessible and the job is quickly mastered. The payout is regular and fair. I make the best recommendations for those who want fast profits.

    Suzana (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • I work as an affiliate for three years now, quit my regular job a year ago and haven’t regret it. Income is growing with every month and I have plenty of time to do what I love and spend it with whom I love. You have to be persistent but in the end all of your hard work will be rewarded.

    Ana (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • I was working as a freelancer for a lot of years and never found something so good as this affiliate program.. It's very easy to use, support ia awesome and money... I will just say that I didn't earn not even close on any other platform... I have steady job ans sometimes I am asking myself is it worth it to go on job or rather stay at home and earn much more.. I highly recommend this platform! Mars (Profit Monkey Affiliate)
  • I have been working for them for couple of months now. They always provided me with great support, payments are always on time and entire platform is easy to use. Highly recommend.

    Filip (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • I am working with this affiliate program for almost two years now and I am more than satisfied so far. Although I am doing this only part time (I have a steady job) I earn almost the same as my regular job, for much less invested hours. Who knows, maybe I'll start with this full time, but I'm quite happy with the current situation. Interface is very „user friendly“, no matter if you are newbie or experienced affiliate, it's very easy to understand it all and to start earning money and you receive all the support you need. It is constantly beeing improved and upgraded to allow you to earn even more. The best thing is, there is no limit of how much you can earn, the only limit is YOU. I highly recommend it.

    Velimir (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Profit Monkey since its beginnings and applying it across different countries and sales demographics and find it very successful. A great platform and a great team to work with...highly recommended!

    Tom (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • Thank you so much for your help. Profit Monkey was the best choice I ever made. I have gotten a steady and stable income with flexible work hours. Just ask for help and they got your back covered.

    Goran (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

  • I STRONGLY recommend Profit monkey to EVERYONE interested in running a successful online business! It's just amazing.

    Zdravko (Profit Monkey Affiliate)

Why Us

Profit Monkey runs and deals with a few standard and easygoing dating sites localized across many worldwide countries, and we are continually searching for experienced associates to join our group in this niche.

For affiliates, our highly prosperous program offers flexibility and freedom to promote any or all of the websites we currently own. We offer highly scalable dating software. Our services are available in 54 countries and we support 19 languages. There is no need to know any kind of coding and we offer you unlimited support. Do not hesitate to ask if you need something.

The main things we require from any potential associates are some knowledge and experience in promoting and, obviously, a craving to profit! For more data send us a message at

Revenue share

What is revenue share

Profit Monkey offers revenue share commission of the lifetime sales from the customer, which means you will get a commission from each purchase the customer makes in their lifetime.

This is especially valuable when promoting products with high conversion rates to recurring sales, as ours.

Our stats for 2018 show that 19,41% of the total transactions were a first time purchase on our sites, which means that 80,59% of the transactions are recurring sales.

Why revenue share

Security for the seller.

This means that the seller does not have to take risks with paying for traffic that may not lead to sales and can give a more profitable commission rate to the affiliate, since the cost/income is 100% predictable.

Fair for the affiliate.

The affiliate will receive the most fair commission compared to other PP systems, since they will always get a commission from each and every sale their registered customer bring.

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