Terms and conditions

Summary of Profit Monkey affiliate terms and conditions including guidelines. Full terms and conditions are available during the application and interview stage of joining Profit Monkey.

1. Signed Affiliate Contract with Profit Monkey.

The Affiliate Contract will be provided by email upon your request with an electronic signature, after an interview with our staff and agreement of the terms.

2. Profit Monkey provides an account on our affiliate platform, Wiimaxx. At no cost.

Wiimaxx has all the tools needed for creating your affiliate links, landing pages and tracking all traffic, including user activity on our sites, and many more advanced features.

3. Remunerations

We offer a revenue share commission solution, which gives our affiliates a commission of each and every sale, for the lifetime of each user. The commission will be negotiated in our interview.

4. Payouts are done on a monthly basis

We prefer to pay via ePayments and complete all payouts within 10 days of the following month.

5. Minimum payouts

If we can use ePayments for payouts, we do not have a minimum payout. If we have to use other payment solutions, a minimum payout will be negotiated.

6. Chargeback

Due to our payment structure, where our users have to actively make every purchase themselves (no automation), our chargebacks for 2019 are 0.006% (no kidding). So basically zero. But if a payment is contested by the card holder, the payment will be returned to the user and Profit Monkey will pay 50%, while our affiliate will pay 50% of the chargeback + fee (25 eur).

7. Breach of contract

The Affiliate may terminate the Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program with immediate effect by giving the other party a written notice of termination. Profit Monkey reserves the right to terminate the Affiliate’s participation in the Affiliate Program at any time for inactivity or conduct that is in material breach of the Affiliate Agreement or for conduct that Profit Monkey, in its sole discretion, deems to be harmful to its business or any third party.

8. All parts of the affiliate contract can be subject for negotiations at any time.